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Leading Technology Solutions For Engineering Valves
SNY Valve awarded "Excellent Supplier of Gulei Refining and Chemical Integration Project"

Recently, SNY Valve awarded "Excellent Supplier of Gulei Refining and Chemical Integration Project", Gulei Petrochemical Business Department leaders in Fujian province personally awarded the medal.

Gulei Refining and Chemical Integration Project in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province is by far the largest joint-venture petrochemical project between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits and a key project of Sinopec, with a total investment of CNY 27.8 billion in the first-stage project. The completion of Gulei refining and chemical integration project is of great significance for Sinopec to build an industrial pattern of "one base, two wings and three new industries" and explore a new way of petrochemical industry integration across the Taiwan Strait.

In this project, SNY Valve participated in the construction of million-ton ethylene plant, 600 KMTA styrene (SM) plant, and 300 KMTA vinyl acetate (EVA) plant.

From the very beginning of the project, SNY Valve established an office on the project site, real-time contact with the internal factory and project site, active deployment of capacity and inventory resources, to ensure material supply. During the epidemic, in the delivery and project final phase of the large-caliber stainless steel valves for million-ton ethylene and downstream deep processing equipment, the company faced various difficulties such as a large variety of orders, a small number of order quantities and a short delivery time. SNY was still able to guarantee the supply in time and deliver material to the project site on time, making great contributions to the project.

SNY Valve has always implemented the concept of "rapid product design and delivery", realize the network platform connection from the early product three-dimensional design and development and process simulation to supplier order placing, docking and delivery, so that all sectors can achieve collaborative office, greatly shorten the product delivery cycle, serving the needs of our customers.

This award is a encouragement and affirmation of SNY Valve, the company will take this opportunity to further develop the market in Fujian province, improve the professional manufacturing and service support ability, and strive to provide customers with the best products and services, helping the national petrochemical industry to a new level.